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9:30–10:00       WELCOME TABLE
10:00–11:30     SESSION 3 – Time-Critical Media Practices 1
Florian Sprenger (University of Frankfurt):Temporalities of Instantaneity: Electric Wires and the Media of Immediacy
Mara Mills (New York University): Aural Speed Reading and the History of Audio Time Compression
11:30–12:00     BREAK
12:00–13:30     SESSION 4 – Time-Critical Media Practices 2
 Dylan Mulvin (McGill University): The Y2K Bug and the Politics of Technological Repair
 James J. Hodge (Northwestern University): Lateral Time 
13:30–15:00     LUNCH BREAK
15:00–16:30     SESSION 5 – Temporalities of Infrastructures
Nicole Starosielski (New York University): Temperatures and Temporalities of Digital Media
Orit Halpern (Concordia University): Apocalyptic Hope: Temporality, Catastrophe, and “Smart”  Infrastructure
16:30                  WRAP-UP

 Jonathan Sterne (McGill University)

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