Média Self-determination of the Palestinian People : Round Table: Media and Conflict Coverage

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Self-determination of the Palestinian People : Stakes and Challenges.


Round Table: Media and Conflict Coverage
Agnès Gruda
Guy Taillefer
Animated by Denis Kosseim.

Since several decades now, the situation on the ground in Palestine is characterized by systematic and recurring violations of international law, and the rights of the Palestinian people perpetrated by Israel. 2018 was no exception to the rule: Israeli forces killed 182 people, including 31 children, and injured 19,690 others, including thousands by firearms, at Gaza during peaceful demonstrations, in serious violation of the principle of proportionality enshrined in international humanitarian law. With the shocking complacency of the “international community”, the American government relocated its embassy in Jerusalem, thereby compromising the future status of this city, eroding the long-term possibility of putting an end to the crisis and legitimizing Israel’s illegal colonization activities. More recently, Israel passed the “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People”, which states that the State of Israel belongs solely to the Jewish people, thereby depriving its Palestinian population of several rights. It is time for civil society and the labour movement to have their voices heard given so many injustices!


This symposium aims to debunk the myths and defuse the self-censorship among individuals and groups, by explaining the historical roots of the relations between Israel and Palestine, thereby permitting the formulation of criticism that is more rigorous and based on international law. It will provide tools to the members of civil society and unions to enable them to more effectively deconstruct the biased information passed on by several media outlets and governments. It aspires to create new forms of solidarity between civil society groups to strengthen the ties of solidarity with Palestine.

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