Média Youth, Violence and Education Conference : Lt. Col. David Grossman part.1

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Lt. Col. David Grossman “Safe Schools, Healthy Students”A former professor of psychology and military science at West Point and a retired officer of the US military, Lt. Col. David Grossman has a unique perspective on the problem of violence. His understanding of how militaries prepare soldiers psychologically for combat has led him to reflect on the danger of our increasingly violent culture and particularly on extremely violent video games, which have become an indispensible tool in modern military training. Lt. Col. Grossman is the author of several books, including the 1995 Pulitzer Prize – nominated book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. He also continues to train educators and law enforcement officers on school safety issues and has been involved in counselling in the aftermath of several school shootings.

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